We are recruiting qualified professionals, including consultants, for positions in public health, clinical research, training, and global health.  We respond to all applicants!

Positions Description Closing Date
Public Health Nurse Manager

ID: 2016-1010

Conducting comprehensive assessments supported by the CDC.

Conducting employee health events with biometric screening, on- site influenza, vaccines, vision exam, and wellness sessions.

Developing a personalized and coaching plan to high-risk employees.

Open until filled
Health Educator

ID: 2016-1011


Conduct outreach and education at worksites and community, develop and implement strategies to improve the health of individuals and communities and collect data and discuss health concerns with members of specific populations or communities. Open until filled
Contracts and Grants Manager

ID: 2016-1012

Research and identify grant and funding opportunities and conduct necessary research related to the completion of proposals and grant applications.  With the help of senior managers, prepare and compile requirements for submissions and ensure deadlines, guidelines, format and design set by funding agencies are met.

Coordinate and write the company’s responses to RFPs and foundation grants.

Open until filled
Interns (2 positions) Recruiting interns for public health, research, training, clinical research support, and global health Open until filled
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